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If it sounds too good to be true, it very well could be a scam!

wire or send money with an application unless you are using a verified property management website.

rent without meeting the real estate agent or landlord in person.

NEVER pay in cash!




Only Work With People You Can Trust


Working with a real estate agent is a good way to protect yourself from scammers.

Review the "Verify Me" section on this page.

As a real estate agent, I have access to rental properties that are owned by individuals who use agents to list their properties and assist tenants through the leasing process.  I also have access to some rental companies who own properties and work with real estate agents to find tenants for their rentals.

There are two sides to a rental transaction, the listing/seller side and the tenant/buyer side.  The first, represents the homeowner, the second represents the tenant.  The listing agent may also be a property management company or is working with a property management company to get their property leased. 

The tenant's agent only works for the tenant helping navigate the leasing process, in most cases that’s me!

Some listing agents and property management companies use standard Arizona rental forms while others have their own forms to complete. All the homeowners and property managements have their own set of qualifications a tenant must be advised about prior to submitting an application; I will help guide you through this process.

Each rental property will require varying fees such as:  first month’s rent, a security deposit, cleaning fee, admin fee, pet fee, taxes, etc.  These fees will be required to be paid after lease signing and before move-in.

There are some rentals and property management that in my professional experience are not the best choice for myself or my clients so I do not automatically include these listings unless you specifically ask for them. If you want me to include these listings, please let me know.  You may also find rental listings on various websites, however if they are not listed in the Arizona Multiple Listing Service I don't have access to those rentals.  If you decide to proceed unrepresented by an agent, please use extreme caution.

My Fees

In many cases my fee is covered by the listing agent side of the transaction, however there are listings where the fee is not covered completely and you will be asked to pay the difference; when this happens you will be informed. You have the option to only search homes were the fee is completely covered or pay the difference when you sign a lease.  If you have questions about this, please contact me.

Basic Universal Requirements

Typically there are some basic universal requirements of almost all homeowners, they are:

1.  No open/current evictions, no money owing to a landlord or property management company or open judgement.

2.  No current convictions.  Certain types of convictions may result in automatic denial of application.

3.  No open bankruptcy.

4.  Credit score 580 or higher, sometimes slightly lower if good rental history.

5.  In most cases your gross monthly income needs to be 3x the monthly rent.  You will be asked to provide paycheck stubs and/or bank statements and/or Federal tax returns to prove your income.

6.  Some homes do not allow pets or restrict certain pets.


Rental Info Form


This short rental information form provides me with basic information to get your rental search started.  When answering the questions, consider all adults in your household who will be living with you in your new rental.


Rental Info Form






Rental Onboarding


Rental Onboarding is the process of gathering all of your information used to verify your rental status and is used to assist with applications and finding rentals within your qualifications.  If you are ready to begin onboarding click the Rental Onboarding button below.


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Listed are a current rentals available.  For a complete list, complete the "Rental Info Form" above and I'll follow up with a list of homes that best fit your criteria.


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Verify my information and compare that information found on my Facebook page and this website.
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About My Office

Some of you have requested that we meet in my office prior to sending me your personal information.  I completely understand your concern and that's why I've added this Verify Me! section.  While I do have access to any of the many  HomeSmart offices in the Phoenix valley I don't work out of any specific office.  I'm often in my truck or home office. Typically the process is to gather basic informaiton using the "Rental Info Form" then we meet at the first showing.

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