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Steve Colbeth, HomeSmart Agent, REALTOR®

Steve Colbeth, REALTOR®

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Thank you for contacting me regarding rental properties. 




Typically there are basic requirements for any rental:


- No open/current evictions, money owing to a landlord or property management company.


- No current convictions.  Certain types of convictions may result in automatic denial of application.


- No open bankruptcy.


- Credit score 580 or higher.


- Your monthly income usually needs to be 3x the monthly rent.  You will be asked to provide paycheck stubs, and/or bank statements, and/or Federal tax returns to prove your income.


- Certain breeds of dogs are restricted in most homes.


Please answer the following questions, I will review your answers and we can move forward with finding you a new home!






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Do you have any evictions, convictions, bankruptcy or open judgements?  If YES, please explain.



Do you know what your credit score is, if so please provide it.  If not, you can check your credit score for free at:



What's your gross household monthly income (before taxes)?  Include all income you will use from your household ie: spouse, partner, roommate, etc.



Do you have pets? If so, what breed?



Which area are you looking for a rental?  How many bedrooms, etc?



Tell me briefly about your household.  Are you a single or multi-extended family?  Are you a roommate situation?  How many adults and how many minors?



I look forward to working with you!




IMPORTANT:  If you click SEND and nothing appears to happen, please scroll up the form and look for error messages on required fields and correct  then scroll down and click SEND again. -Thank you!