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I understand how important buying a home is to you, whether it is your first home, dream home, or another home I'll be working to assist you to making solid offers, stepping you through inspections, and the entire buying process.


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Buying A Home


Tips to being better prepared to buy a home.


Before you start looking at homes:

- Check your credit.  A higher score makes it easier to qualify for the lowest interest rates on a loan.  To get a free annual credit report go to:

- Start saving money.  You'll need some hefty reserves to buy a house:  earnest money, down payment, moving expense, etc.

- Find a lender and get acquainted.  Your lender will explain  loan options.

- Investigate first-time home buyer and down payment assistance programs.

- Once your lender has pre-qualified you, you'll know approximately how much you can afford.  Start looking at neighborhoods within your budget that you might consider living and make notes.


When you're ready to buy:

- If you're buying with cash you'll need a statement from your financial institution verifying your funds.

- If you are using a loan, get a pre-approval letter from your lender.  We will need this to submit an offer on a home.  Here are some contacts for Lenders to get you started

- Gather your notes of neighborhoods you'd like to explore availability. 

- Contact me first, I'd love to find your perfect home!


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